When I first met Angelica three years ago, I suffered from bad neck pain for six months. I had tried different options from chiropractic to physical therapy, medication, and nothing was helping me in the long run. After a few months of working with Angelica, my neck pain almost disappeared. She was very patient and caring in teaching me about my body, breath, and posture while working on strengthening specific muscles which resulted in my full recovery.

Since then, we’ve been working on improving the strength and flexibility of my whole body through pilates, yoga, barre, nutrition, Bemer therapy, and much, much more. I can honestly say that thanks to Angelica my overall health and wellness have greatly improved. She’s not only incredibly knowledgeable but a kind and compassionate person that really cares for her clients. Angelica spends generous time educating her clients and shares a lot more information than any other practitioner I’ve ever seen. I trust her recommendations. Her pilates studio has high-quality equipment, her protocols are science-based and safe. I enjoy a variety of her programs and her online apothecary with natural products. I see her every week now and I look forward to my 164th class with her.

-Lucy K, Photographer, USA

For over a decade, I have been struggling with weight gain. Going early into menopause at the age of 43, it was much harder to keep the weight off due to my hormonal imbalances. At age 49, weight maintenance and jogging without knee pain became a mission impossible, so I looked for professionals who could help me with safe exercises and weight loss. Unsuccessful and frustrated, I turned to Angelica for help. I can not give enough praise to her professionalism, her knowledge, and her attention to detail. First, she taught me how to maintain a good posture while exercising. I learned the right stretches for my body, and later she introduced me to the Shape ReClaimed Program. Within the first month, not only did I manage to shed most of that stubborn weight, I even improved my sleep. Through the program, I also learned which foods make me bloated and which foods I am sensitive to. I felt better than I had in years, with more energy, and I did not crave sugars. Angelica was very supportive, understanding, and helpful in guiding me through some challenging moments. At the end of the program, I lost all excess weight, I learned how to manage my knee pain and modify my exercises accordingly. With her gentle, calm, and caring nature, Angelica was with me every step of my journey. Thank you so much!!

-Danijela S, Small Business Owner, UK

I’ve been working with Angelica for over 4 years now. She is an amazing nutrition counselor, personal trainer, and functional health coach. I had issues with my back and foot arch. I did yoga and pilates with her for more than a year and it was amazing. She helped me get rid of the inflammation and pain in my foot and back. Angelica creates a variety of pilates exercises on the Reformer, Cadillac, Exo-Chair, and uses other pilates tools and a Bemer medical device to reduce overall pain in the body.
Angelica is one of the most knowledgeable people regarding health and wellness I know. Earlier this year when I had gut problems she helped me to pick the best supplements, aloe juice and introduced me to functional nutrition, which helped my specific symptoms. I learned what to eat and what not to eat. She helped me to identify food intolerances and allergies. With her assistance, I did special labs that were much more affordable than the same tests with other doctors. Angelica saves me time and money, and I like her unique approach. Another great thing about her is that she supports everyone according to their bio-individuality, and each treatment is different than the other. I’ve referred many of my friends and co-workers to Angelica and we’re all happy with the outcome.

-Inas M, Accountant, USA

“Angelica is amazing! I initially started seeing her in order to help with core stability and muscle strength.  Her pilates and trigger ball therapy knowledge is incredible. She knows and understands how the body works and can change the day’s program to accommodate any issues I might have that day.  She is also able to help me with other health concerns by recommending additional lab tests and supplements. Her wellness services are comprehensive, with the latest information on alternative therapies and stress reduction.  Ordering through Wellevate and the access to functional doctors and labs are time and money-saving.  I am really grateful for all she is able to do to help me!  She is a wealth of knowledge — truly priceless!”

-Amelia B, Programmer, USA

“I have been seeing Angelica for a couple of months now and our sessions always start with how things are going. She is excellent at ‘digging deep’ to find out what the root of the problem is. She gives attention to detail, is an excellent listener, and is very knowledgeable when explaining a holistic approach to chronic conditions. In each session, she spends quality time with me, is helpful, and is passionate about functional health coaching. Angelica never rushes me, which I greatly appreciate, as it shows she truly cares about me. I see her sometimes via Zoom or phone, but mostly in person. She is always welcoming, pleasant, easy to talk to, patient, and goes above and beyond. She practices what she preaches, and invests a lot of time in continuing education. To better support her clients she is willing to learn beyond her scope. Angelica is a creative person and values relationships. She has outstanding knowledge in nutrition, teas, herbs, and spices. Angelica is also a great cook, a great resource with the recipes, and sometimes I borrow books from her functional health library. In our sessions, she implements Stages of Change, and she started to teach me the Emphatic Communication Technique. Angelica is genuine, supportive and she helps me to achieve my goals. I always feel much better after our sessions. I’m so grateful that I have found her.”

-Mita P, Registered Dietitian, USA